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13 Jul 2012

Finally, a bike with gears that don't need adjusting.... Guaranteed!

In simple terms, Di2(Digital Integrated Intelligence) is not just electronic assistance to change gears, but a sophisticated computer system to determine the optimum time to change.

Di2is intuitive: it knows exactly how best to change gears given the particular ratios and load. It does this simply and reliably in a split second, change after change, after change, to a level unobtainable with a mechanical system.

Because there is a computer processor in each of the front and rear shifter, they are able to co-ordinate changes in a way that we simply cannot do mechanically. It is not power assistance, but a whole new sophisticated gear change system, that can factor in all known variables, and change reliably EVERY time. And best of all, Di2will never go out of adjustment.

Because the levers do not have to incorporate a sizeable gear change mechanism, the levers can be more refined, and as a result are far more comfortable and aestheticallypleasing.

With the new Di2 electronic shift technology, shifting is even easier and more precise, as just a soft touch, similar to that of a computer mouse, is sufficient for the rear or front derailleur to select the desired gear. They have improved ergonomically as changing gears no longer requires the sweeping action of the hand, just the touch of a finger. Current users of Shimano equipped bikes will find their use instinctive, as the shift buttons are in the same place as regular STI levers.

A really nice feature with Di2 is that it will suit many riders with smaller hands, particularly women as the distance between the lever and the handlebar is adjustable, so braking and gear shifting is comfortable and safely within reach.

This change system is the beginning of a whole new era in bicycle drive trains. No longer are intricate mechanical adjustments necessary. Gone are the trips to the local bike shop for a quick adjustment. Di2 simply does not go out of adjustment, never!

If you crash, or replace wheels, the necessary repairs can be carried out, then, the system can be put into adjustment mode to readjust itself. Yes, the Di2 system incorporates an adjustment mode, that will allow the system to self-adjust….yes, self-adjust….to allow for any changes that may have been brought about.

In terms of performance, Di2 will immediately allow you to improve to a degree that previously seemed impossible. Imagine climbing a steep incline, then being able to shift the front derailleur under full load. There is no need to back off at all. In a bunch, there need be no back-off in a sprint for fear of a missed shift, the computerized system will simply not allow it, so you are able to concentrate solely on what is required to optimize performance, some may call it an unfair advantage – but unless they have tried Di2 they simply won’t realize.

The Di2 system has been used in the world’s toughest competitions such as the Tour de France and has proved to be very reliable with features such as automatic realigning, ensuring that gear shifts always remain crisp and precise. The lightweight battery is weatherproof and quite robust and has a range of at least 2000km and can be recharged in just 90 minutes. Electronic shifting, or Di2 as Shimano calls it, is the way of the future. But you can own it here now with theGiantTCRAdvanced 0 Di2 2012.

The Bike

The TCR Advanced 0 is a real game changer, a step out of the square. A concept dreamt about for many years, then eventually available only to Professional riders and the wealthy ..... until now!

At the heart of the TCRAdvanced is the frame. Giant produce a custom composite material using high performance T-700 raw carbon fibre which is then hand laid and moulded in a one piece monocoque to produce an extremely lightweight, compliant and yet very stiff racing frame.

The various tubing shapes and dimensions are all for specific reasons with stunning performance as the end goal. The very pronounced shapes in the 2012 frames such as the the rectangular shaped down-tube and oversized top-tube which work in unison with the oversize head-tube to provide superior front end lateral and torsional steering precision and stability for real "point and shoot" type handling.The oversize rectangular downtube combines with the massively oversize bottom bracket and chain-stays for further lateral rigidity under pedalling torque meaning none of your valuable effort is lost through frame flex.

The overall feel of a 2012 Advanced bike is rock solid, further enhanced by the tapered front fork steerer tube which is supported at the lower end by a massive 1 1/2" diameter bearing and at the top by a 1 1/4" both of which are much bigger and sturdier than the regular 1 1/8" bearings found in most bikes. These larger bearings housed within the oversized head tube and supported by the rectangular down-tube and oversize top-tube combined with the 1 1/4" head-stem and oversize handlebars provides the rider a feeling of confidence and control never previously experienced.

This really is an exceptional frame and when fitted with the Ultegra Di2 the result is an amazing bike.For those of us that have been around the bike scene for a while, bikes with weight and features like this one, are the bikes that will get talked about for years to come. This will be the bike that sets the benchmark for the future. A top notch frame with Di2 and a stack of quality components and it is under $4000! It will be a tough act to follow. Best to get one now, and be one of the one’s leading the way. Leave the following to someone else.

Come along for a free test ride on one of our revolutionary Di2 equipped GiantTCRAdvanced 0 Di2 2012.